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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 23, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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yes. how deep? >> i had my jeans on and it was up to here. >> they arrived and essential -- eventually closed the flood gates. >> the rest of the house is okay. but our carport and fences are gone. about three blocks away, they were aware of the running water that ended up pulling them out there about the three to four more bases. >> i had a piece of the pie right now. >> the problem, the 36 inch
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side that gaveway. >> county officials met with the homeowners shortly after the flood waters subside offering to help them. and the interesting thing with all of this despite there being a 36 inch water main break right here, everybody around here, they have water. that has not been shut off. the reason that they do not feed the homes and the water hydrants around here. that's the good news and that there are other things to feed them and not a severe shortage out there. back to you. >> thanks a lot. >> all right, let's check in with them now to see how some other roads in our area are looking right now. we want to focus on this one just for now. and they closed right now between this road as you can hear the north group for this water main break. right now, no time on when this will be back. fortunately, this is not a main route in articlington. not seeing any major delays. we want to tell you they were caught in that area and they
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drove through that place on a regular basis. stay out there which would take you east to route 123 to get on the parkway and west to 66. now all those routes, guys, they are moving accident free no problem. >> all right, thank you so much. well tonight wet weather is sure not making things any easier for the evening rush hour taking a live look there. meteorologist, topper shutt in the forecast with your forecast first. yes, we have some good news. no big storms in the future tonight or tomorrow. especially the wet flow rally look at doppler 9,000. remember you can access this on the web on and everything, that is light to moderate, but pretty considerate. we'll zoom in and show you the heavy activity for them out towards vienna and out towards fairfax. but light to moderate. also you find that out there and also at great falls that you go up 270. a little bit of the light rain and the lesser amounts out to the east. and still it'll be around us a big while. we'll show you the satellite radar combined and some
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moisture to the south. that'll roll north water tonight. not a lot of activity, but the rain and showers tonight. right now they are chilly. upper 40s everywhere downtown and 46 in frederick and even 50s in fredericksburg. for tonight cloudy and chilly. what you see is kind of what you get. low to the 40s and the 46. we'll come back and have travel weather for you in case you're trying to sneak out of town tomorrow or the big day on wednesday. back to you. >> thank you, topper. now to a consumer alert, showing children sleeping in the crib. the consumer product safety commission is about to recall a rather announcement from the recall history involving drop side cribs. there's also a big push rather to ban these type of cribs. >> reporter: tyler jonathan was just 10-months-old when he died in the very place his mom, michelle, thought he'd be safe, his crib. >> that's every parent to see
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the hor rib sight of him strangled -- horrific sight of him strangled is horrifying to me. >> reporter: he had been sleeping on the crib. somehow able to get his head stuck in the guide between the side rail and the head board. >> i just immediately felt my needs and started that. >> reporter: they recalled nearly 5 million cribs in the past two years. many of them with drop down sides. >> parents like the convenience of having the side dropped down, but many many mac tors -- factors are making them stay down. >> tennebaum is safety chairman of the safety commission. protecting consumers from dangerous products such as cribs. >> we have been relying on voluntary standards. we now will be riding regulations -- writing federal regulations that are mandatory for cribs. >> reporter: the cpsc is not
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the only one taking action. the legislature in new york has banned the sale of dropped downside cribs starting in february of 2010. toys "r" us is noing longer selling the -- no longer selling the cribs. in a new measure that set them in the crib industry, full size cribs with the drop down sides that will no longer meet voluntary safety standards. my -- mitchell withwants to -- witt wants to see that in place too. >> reporter: now, the government source tells us that they will announce more about the crib recall for them is and the drop sized cribs tomorrow. there's at lot of them out there. so here is what you should do in the meantime if you're concerned. some tips for you. you want to see if they were recalled already. if you go to our website on, we'll take you to a list of already recalled products. examine the side rails.
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if you can move that back and forth, then that is a sign that your crib could be dangerous. stop using that drop side. you want to key it in a locked position at all sides. police officers provide security for all of dc public schools. but that's not the case for the city's charter schools. we're almost 40 -- where almost 40% of the kids go to class. and in northeast, they are pofrpting calls for some change. we have a live look with that story. >> reporter: well, there are 1200 kids here at collegiate and some of those kids and their parents say that over the past few months, they have been pouncing on them when school lets out. >> i'm going to get a call one day saying like the mom in chicago that her son is just gone. >> reporter: her teenage son has been robbed and beaten twice. the last time by 20 kids as he went from friendship collegiate high school to the metro.
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>> i heard he was in the background saying we got another one, another one. so i'm thinking that they are just going around beating up these people and just targeting them. >> how safe do you feel now? >> i don't feel safe at all. >> this is just one of many violent climbs that are plaguing the charter schools since classes began. >> the violence on the outside, the gangs, the jumping of the kids. >> reporter: until recently there were few dc or metro police officers to help victims. >> reporter: and then the -- >> then the people across the street knowing that it could have happened, they could have stepped in if they were anything. they ran in their houses and closed their doors and looked through their apartment windows. >> the crime spree against the charter school kids are prompting a call to the detailed police officers in charter schools. there is a policy right now even though that the public charter schools are a part of the public
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school system. >> why is that? >> i don't know why that is. maybe because we want to show favoritism. >> reporter: and they take a different view. she said that she doesn't have enough police officers to staff charter schools full time. reporting live in northeast, 9news now and >> thank you. the murder trial of the man accused in his death has been postponed until october 4. or rather maybe december 4. and he has been scheduled to stand trial on the first-degree murder and other charges in january. prosecutors told the superior court judge that they plan to file additional charges. they declined to name a new charge. they disappeared in 2001 and they were found in that area later. and i should say that the trial has been postponed until october 4 of next year. now, jurors, they resuperred deliberation -- resumed deliberations for them there.
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prosecutors say that they used those gift cards intended for the meeting on personal shopping sprees. and the defense said that the mayor's then boyfriend anonymously gave their gift card for her use and she thought those gift cards were intended for the needy came from her boyfriend. some disturbing new figures out about hate crimes in the u.s. and according to the fbi, hate crimes based on the sexual orientation are up by 11% from last year. the bureau does acknowledge some of the increases because they are reporting the offenses as hate crimes. we flew over what's left over the overnight fire. flames were shooting through the roof out there by the time that the firefighters arrived. no one was home at the time and no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is still a mystery. tonight, raising questions about the safety proposed rail
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ridge. a series of steel piling used to support them overriding the airport. according to the washington's post, there are concerns that the flooding could crumble on to the weight of the bridge. federal transit officials say that bridge will not be built until the design safety is out there. going on an alert for the drivers who connect on the projects. starting today, old clump kwra is being shifted onto a new bridge over the icc. and this is weather permitting the area affected that is just north of the road. construction started on the bridge last year. you should also be prepared for the new traffic patterns if you drive around rockville. drivers out here heading east towards rockville pike will notice the changes the last segment of eastbound that is now out there underneath the new overpass to the new intersection there. the news just keeps getting worse for the washington
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redskins. not only for that and the cowboys, they lost another run for them. they are here with today's news. >> well, we have passed the point of the backups playing for the redskins. now they need the backups and the list of those hobbled by the industries are getting to be out there themselves for yesterday's victim that is not just that but also the right guard, both of whom started this year as the backups themselves. but they became starters due to other injuries. now that is the torn acl and a knee. he already had the surgeries for them with the screws inserted into the leg. that's just the tip of the ice burg for the -- iceberg for the redskins. he'll be in a boot for another 10 days. that could be done for that season with a broken ankle. clinton portis out there next week. a concussion evening longer.
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that is just a partial lift that's coming up. i'll go inside the locker room at redskins park as those still standing react to the news. and plus, breaking news on who the new skins runningback will be, ahead for 40 minutes. back to you. >> lots to talk about. thank you. coming up, the police cruisers dash cam that captures the bank robber's desperate attempt. plus, local women take their oppositions to the new breast screening guidelines to the streets. the senate clears the big hurdle to the health care reform. but there are still a lot more. i'm joel brown in washington. that's coming up.
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finishing up to close out there and the s&p 500, they climbed 14 points. and that is an $8,000 home buyer tax credit that did the trick. jumping about 10% last month, far exceeding expectations. the highest level than two years. congress has extended that tax credit program through the end of april. they will fight hard against it. and they are concerned about the cost and the so-called public ops. essentially a government-run insurance plan. joel brown has detailed. >> i think they continue to be pleased that we're making progress for them in moving this legislation forward. >> reporter: progress but still a long way to go.
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the debate begins with them after thanksgiving and expected to center around a few key items. funding for aabortions. and a government-run health care known as the public option with the privet planes. >> you need to eject some competition into the insurance industry. and the best way to do is it -- to do it is a public option. but before it ends up in a final bill, there will be weeks on debate on the capitol hill and the streets of washington. and i think that there are good things to get out there. leading democrats will have their work cut out for them.
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they still don't have the work that they need to get passed so they need to make changes to try to win over the republicans joel brown, cbs news, washington. >> and maine proposed a plan which uses the threat of the government insurance to force private insures to come down in price. plus the democrats rejected the idea in favor of one that would permit states to opt out of the government-run insurance. four u.s. service members killed in afghanistan in just the past 24 hours. the news comes as president obama prepares to meet with the top advisors on afghanistan. they will discuss whether to send more troops into the war zone. the defense secretary, they will be among those schedules to attend tonight's meeting and it is suppose to take place at 8:00 at the white house. the5-year-old lieutenant out there was buried at articlington national cemetery. the native was one of the 13 people that were shot and killed at the texas base
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earlier this month. leaving behind two daughters and six grandchildren. hazardous materials that are on the scene of the freight train out there with what is happening in houston. at least a dozen union pacific car. some of that spilled on to the nearby roadway. there is also concerns about a spill of an unknown white substance. look at that mess. believe it or not, no one was hurt. >> and they took place today. a problem on one of the astronauts space suits that delayed the operation by an hour. on saturday, he became the father of a new baby girl born in houston while daddy was in outer space. >> a rocket man. >> yes. >> quite literally. how cool is that? >> yeah. >> the commander as the rocket man. >> that's right, literally. all right, sunday was a
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great surprise. >> yes. >> very nice. >> a nice turn around. well, this is the 12 hour delay from sunday which they will take actually. the question is when we clear out, let's go to the forecast now. the next three days. we do have showers in, nothing heavy, but they willing linger through turkey day. good news, they will be about average in the mid-50s. 54 tomorrow and 56 on wednesday and also on turkey day. now tonight, cloudy and chilly with the light rain and showers. low temperature in the 40s. to 46 downtown. and winds continue out of the northeast at 10. let me show you live doppler 10,000. you can access this via the web on also check out our interactive radar as we get through the travel day. you can look at the radar anywhere in the country. all right, here is live doppler. everything is generally light to moderate and they are really west of i-95. some showers out there towards annapolis and the heaviest activity, the most concentrated area around there and dc and around springfield as you head up towards rockville.
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and again, nothing is too heavy. we're just going in the next hour. we'll go right to the northeast. right at 29 and right up 95 and out there. so now there is plenty of moisture behind that. the showers will continue into fairfax and vienna. going back to the computer. we'll talk about temperatures. they have not done much. you know, you get cloudy. they don't do much. and 49 at laurel and 50 out there. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and cool. a few showers, 40s and 50s. northeasterly at 10. by the afternoon, mostly cloudy and seasonal they turn a little northerly at 10. doing some traveling just the showers to the east. nothing heavy. just showers right up there. out to the west, quiet to the ohio valley. more showers in the midwest. but i've got to tell you, no big storms for them in sight which is good news for travel
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weather. tomorrow, 55 in wood brink again with showers. downtown, mid-50s for annapolis. and the small craft advisory that expire tomorrow morning on the bay. next seven days, mid-50s on tuesday, wednesday, turkey day with showers. temperaturewise is good. and then pretty cold air comes in here for them to play last week to come back again. snow flurries are possible on friday with temperatures in the 40s. sunshine on friday. only about the 50s. mid-50s on monday and sunday rather. and with some showers out there. a couple of notes to have the full forecast for the wednesday travel to come up here in the next half hour. also if you're going out of town, they seem mild. boston will be mild to turn sharply colder out there. for the next four days, bring the winter stuff. >> good advice. >> yes. that's what we help you do. >> okay, thank you so much. the breast cancer survivors, ticketing that at the building today. they want those guidelines
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resended. i'm peggy fox in gaithersburg. the story is coming up.
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breaking news to talk about
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in venice, florida. the sarasota county courthouse, an ongoing situation, reports of a shooting, about 3:45 this afternoon, a shooting. coming out of venice, florida. at the sarasota courthouse. sheriff deputies responding to a shooting there. the new breast screening guidelines causing so much outrage prompted a protest in gaithersburg today. they changed their tune to scold the federal panel that came up with the new guidelines. peggy fox was there. they stood holding signs to express their outrage that stands personally from experiences of their own. >> mammograms helped me find my cancer. without it, i could be dead. >> you're bad about the new guidelines? >> very angry about them. >> reporter: the new guidelines
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were released last week by the services task force. it recommends against mammogram screening from women 40-49. >> mine was diagnosed at the age oáf 42. so i'm really in that category of women that they are saying not to get a routine mammogram. it's up to you. i think that's really a dangerous message to be sending to women. >> if we don't have something better than mammograms for early detections, then why would we stop doing them? >> reporter: they decided to take it here because this is 540 good faithers -- gaithers road. they are under the umbrella of the health and human services which has the building right over there. in washington, the leader of the world's largest breast cancer organization dismissed the new guidelines. >> and if susan g. coleman for the cure, we're not changing our guidelines.
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we cannot afford to. for all the progress that we have made against breast cancer, still the leading killer of women between the ages of 40- 60. >> reporter: nancy advises women to keep getting their mammograms. so women want to see those guidelines resended. in gaithersburg, peggy fox, 9news now and they also said today's insurance companies, they even think about stopping coverage of annual mammograms, the susan g. coleman for the cure foundation will be watching as the women advocate. the holiday getaway is right around the corner. coming up what you need to know to save money and time on that road trip. >> that's right. plus bus drivers at the university of maryland saying they are sick and tired of drunk studenting getting sick on the buses. how the issue has turned into a health dispute. ttffbxwf/
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this is a honda pilot. and this is the chevy traverse. it has more cargo space than pilot. and traverse beats honda on highway gas mileage too. more fuel efficient and 30% more room. maybe traverse can carry that stuff too. now during the chevy red tag event, get an '09 traverse with 0 percent apr for 72 months. see red and save green. now at your local chevy dealer. welcome back. resetting some of the top stories in the news right now. a water main break in arlington. flooding basements and yards today. w-pss say that the main break -- witnesses say the main break looked like a river earlier this afternoon and work crews are still on the scene trying to
5:30 pm
repair it all. there is a call tonight for more security and police patrols at and near dc charter schools. this comes after a rash of fun near the collegiate charter school in northeast. police routinely provide the security at public schools. now they are asked to see them at the same thing for the charter schools too. >> and cbs news reports that they are about to announce one of the largest baby crib recalls in u.s. history. the recall that would involve the cribs with a different size. some children have died because of injuries that are associated with the crepes design. we are now just three days away from thanksgiving. that means that many of you are making final plans to get out of town or getting ready for the companies to come to you. either way, we're hear to help. meteorologist, topper shutt, as they are all standing by with all your important thanksgiving travel, weather, and traffic outlooks. let's start with you. >> all right, it's good news. not totally dry across the country, but there's no big storm in sight. let's start with the forecast
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now. we'll begin, we'll go out to the west. high pressure that holds in the rockies. if you're flying into denver, no snow problems out there. maybe some problems in seattle, but that's it. warm and sunny in the southwest. it'll be turning colder out there for the area of low pressure to provide the snow showers for the northern lakes. mainly just showers for the east coast. very mild. it'll be mild with temperatures in the 50s on wednesday. but again if you're going to boston or even staying here, it'll turn sharply colder on thanksgiving night on into friday. don't let them fool you. but again, no big storm no blizzards, just some showers and we could handle that. the question is, can we handle the traffic? for more on how to beat the holiday travel. we have good news to tell you if you are taking 66 as you can see here, other main routes in virginia. and they will be suspending the lane closures from november 25. that's on wednesday until monday after thanksgiving to help ease some of the congestion out there. and now they also tell us
5:32 pm
that they will be doing the same possibly as early as tomorrow. talking about maryland, you can expect one of the worst thoughts next to the area out here heading northbound. and also i-95 and the parkway, they will both be very heavy. watch out for that. we don't need to tell you in virginia, 95 that will be a mess. well, both southbound and northbound, looking live here at the overpass. lots of traffic tonight already and also going to be very heavy during the thanksgiving holiday. and to get you out there, leave early if you can until late after rush hour winds down and avoid traveling on wednesday or sunday where most people hit the roadways tkpwaoeufpblts, back to you. >> all right. according to aaa. most people in our area that are traveling 50 miles or more this holiday weekend will be on the road. if you're trying to save money and time this weekend, yes, sir yes, sir has a -- jessica doyle has a bit of a survival tool for you if you're headed to grandma's house. the time you don't want to drive for thanksgiving. >> it's usually the rush is
5:33 pm
evening rush hour. >> reporter: on the wednesday before. aaa says that instead. >> get out of town before wednesday if you can if you're driving. actually, thanksgiving morning is really a very lite time on the road -- light time on the road and great time to travel. >> reporter: before you hit the road, check out the car. and they run down the checklist. >> reporter: certainly check out your tire pressures. also, check the engine oil levels and the belts. the fan belt, the alternator belt. all these different belts. >> reporter: if you need to make a repair, call several shops for quotes. they found big defenses in -- differences in prices within the washington area. just nearby shops, replacing the water pump and timing belt on a particular vehicle checkbook found prices ranging from $450 up to $1,100. >> reporter: then it's time to fill up for the cheapest gas. >> and now the further out of
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town you get, the likely the better prices you're going to have. jessica doyle, 9news now and and jessica says if you don't mind making two stops, put $10 in the tank while you're still on the washington region. and then top off the tank when you hit to more rural areas. that move could save you as much as 15 cents a gallon on gas. just in time for the shopping holiday season. a way for people who live or work around tyson's corner to get to the mall. beginning today, free mid-day bus shuttles calling the connector running every 10 minutes between 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on the weekdays. two routes are available, stopping at tyson's corner and the gal row kwra. with unemployment still in double tkeupblts, retailers are facing yet another grim holiday forecast. and that's according to the national retail federation. the average consumer will spend $682 this holiday season. overall holiday sales are expected to decline by 1%. but that's better than last
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year's 3.5% drop. still poor compared to normal years. if you want to shop until you drop to thanksgiving. retailers will make it possible. many of the stores are doing the jump the gun sales before black friday to help kick start the sales. the spokes person for gap, they said hundreds offed old navy gap and banana republic stores will open for five hours starting at noon on thanksgiving day. then toys "r" us will have two door buster sales, one at midnight and another at 5 a.m. make sure you watch us at 5 p.m. tomorrow night. we'll list everything on sale at 23 different retail stores on black friday. it's a list that you can print out and take with you before you hit the stores. and a health alert tonight from the university of maryland. shuttle bus drivers are tired, they say, of an intoxicated student who are literally getting sick on their buses. the issue has turned into a public health dispute about how those buses are cleaned.
5:36 pm
following developments from the campus of college park. >> at the university of maryland driving the shuttle bus is just a part of the job. >> i have been on the buses before. >> late at night over the weekend, people are just crazy. i have seen them throw up on the bus before definitely. >> they need to stop to get everyone to get off. >> last week it happened 30 times. >> drinking students out there who literally, they can't hold their liquor. and they are fouling buses so often that the method of cleanup has now become representing the union. >> it's about our health and the student health. and the union wants managers to enforce time consuming cleanup for the procedures that meet the federal safety standards for the workers handling waste that could include the blood born diseases like aids and hepatitis. >> their response to the safety concern has been to hire cleaning contractors. who have been on the job the last two weekends to handle messes. they remain concerned that the cleanup contractors had not
5:37 pm
meet the federal standards that they promise on that. in the meantime, they say a better solution would be for binge drinkers to stay off the bus. yes, that's really gross and unfortunate that everyone, they need to get off the bus and they need to wait 20 minutes for them sometimes. there's a lot of people that are not here for them sometimes and just completely out there. and to control your actions for them. just like if you're there and the crowded bus at the university of maryland and scott broom and the issue has attracted them out there and the safety regular lay fors taking a look at the university's buses and the procedures. coming up, the surprising new procedures for them and the television that they watch at daycare. >> plus, why they stopped. they are now seeing the sensation for them and the new album that is breaking records for them. new homes and dry wall for them in
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and an exclusive investigation for them. and the evening news with katie couric. ♪ [ male announcer ] every penny counts. so does every moment. make the most of both this holiday season with great gifts at great prices from l.l. bean. ♪
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i'm peggy fox. are you traveling for this week? the family members involved. traveling could be stresful especially with people. go to for great suggestions for traveling for the holidays. there are some alarming new numbers about how often children are watching television. and washington state studies find preschoolers spending two hours a day watching tv in daycare. that's on top of their two or three hours that they already spent watching television at home. they publish the journals and the pediatrics.
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"new moon" rocketed to the third biggest weekend. earning more than $140 million in north america. and the blind side, they opened up in second place. followed by 2012, planet 51 and does' a christmas carol. she's back. ♪[ music ] >> scottish singing sensation, susan boyle released her first cd. featuring the classic kits including ones by artists of madona and the rolling stones. it's already smashing sales records in the u.k. and the most preordered cd in amazon's history. later this week, they had join the quest of shoppers looking for toys. up next, we'll help can you find some ways to fill that list in the safe way. plus, the suspected bank robber eats his words
5:42 pm
literally. the proof is caught on tape. well, we have the light rain and the showers across the metro area. we'll take you out there. you can access this on our website on showers, really akr-sz most of the district -- across most of the district out there into leesburg pushing off to the north and east. we'll come back to tell you when they roll out. if you missed it, we'll have another wednesday forecast coming up. if you have high blood pressure, like me,
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all right, checking it twice. beginning on black friday, the day after thanksgiving right after christmas, they purchase about $3 billion worth of toys and with so much shopping going on, you want to know whether that toy in your cart is safe. and they are here with important tips to help you make the right call. thank you for joining us. >> sure. >> we're gearing it up here. should we feel safer this year in the wake of all these consumer products, you know, laws on the books?
5:46 pm
>> yes absolutely. remember two years ago it seems like we were getting one every single day. and they have gone down by 50% passed by congress. >> but there are still recalls out there. they need to check their toy boxes. >> that's a recall from last season. their faces got lead on them. so that is certainly not for children of any age in particular, young children that see just about everything. >> they had lead concerns in the toy trains as well and the magnets in the magnetics? >> yes, that's right. that's two years back and kids were swallowing a couple of magnets doing damage inside that side. and magnets are something that we are particularly concerned about. >> let's talk about the safe options now. >> yes. the plush toys are always great. i love books. that's what i do for my son. sreud yous are always good. the most important thing is to make sure that you buy these right toys for the right child. and there it is about the
5:47 pm
small part. >> and one of the ways you do that is with a small part tester. if it fits in here, it should not be for kids that are three and under. >> that's right. they mouth everything. >> what if you don't have that? >> this is about the same size. it's a little larger. but if they could fit inside, which everybody has, then it's not for the children under three. keep them away. >> all right, so another safe option as well? >> one of my pet peeves. there could be thousands of bikes bought throughout the course of the year and summer under -l christmas tree or what have you. most of them are bought without a helmet. that's not an accessory to that bike. it's a necessity. here in the district and in maryland, it's the law. you need to wear a bike helmet. >> before i let you go to take them with you before you do the shopping. a lot of us just have that in the shopping cart and you don't think about the straps. >> not a good idea. about 20,000 injuries. when you put them in the cart, make sure that you use the buckles. they work just like that and to think that they would out there to buckle them in and to pay
5:48 pm
attention to them. >> they are there are for a reason. great information. we've got much more information on our website. just go to and click on living smart. filming in a new tom cruise movie is suspended as they try to figure out how they escaped on the set. they were hurt when they broke free and took to the streets oáft small town in spain. tom cruise and the coastal, cameron diaz not on the film filming the movie "night and day" has been suspended until we mention as further noticed. a bank robbery suspect in ohio may have swallowed an important piece of evidence. police, they believe that they gobbled up a robbery note while handcuffed lying across the hood of the cruiser. a dash board camera, attached to a 35-year-old of cleveland, robbing the paper with their mouths after the police emptied their pockets. that's not the only evidence that police appeared to have against them. and they found a gun, a bag of money. an exploded die pack in his
5:49 pm
car, yes. it sounds like a solid case. all right, 9news now is less than 15 minutes away. here's a look at what we have new for you tonight at 6:00. find out why the mayor could be in for a tough fight if elections were held today. plus, before you spend all night waiting in line to get the black friday bargains. ask yourself one question, can you really afford it? we'll have a test that you can take. and find out what happens when a mother took it upon herself to give her marijuana to her son to help him with his autism. yes. that's coming up tonight at 6:00. okay, short week for a lot of people. >> and you know, again, no big storms, no blizzards. sometimes we have big storms or the big rains. we do have a lot of clouds and showers. here's your forecast first. next three days, showers tomorrow. temperatures in the mid-50s on wednesday. more showers. and again, nothing heavy across
5:50 pm
the board. now tonight, we're looking at cloudy skies, chilly, light rain and showers. low temperatures, 40 to 46. and the winds are north east about 10. again, most of us are seeing the light rain and showers. nothing too heavy. zooming in around the immediate metro area. showers found between here all the way up to baltimore. right now showers out there up to 70 towards gaithersburg. out at 123 and 66 in virginia. out 50 towards annapolis. though that is where they got eastward. and not going to intensify any. just like the moderate activity will continue into the early nighttime hours. all right back to the computer. we'll talk about temperatures. they have not done much. and 50 at olds town and still 50 there. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and cool. a few showers. by the afternoon, they will be seasonal -- seasonable. forecast weather map for wednesday travel day, pretty quiet. snow showers in the great
5:51 pm
lakes. but north of chicago, north of detroit. just showers up for them and mild and no problems out in the west. here comes our last batch of showers behind it. no clearing. and next seven days with the showers for them then sharplied colder on thursday night. you have the snow flurries in the forecast on early friday and partly cloudy to hold in the 40s. struggling to get to the 50s on saturday and mid-50s on sunday and monday with your showers. >> okay, thank you. well, another injury. >> several more injuries. listen, it happens to every teen, it's week 11 which will be football. but it seems like we're having more, i agree with you, an unfair number for this team. howed bad is the situation for them in dallas yesterday? they actually ran out of carts to transport the wounded multiple punches that they needed to share one. now it seems like they will be limping both literally and
5:52 pm
figuratively towards the finish line this season. >> okay. when the redskins hand out their year end award, the mvp might be the team's surgeon. but they will go into that night with a torn acl and they are out 6-9 months. starting guard, chad had surgery today after breaking his leg in dallas yesterday. and to sum it up, it seems like they have that for them. and they need to step in for them and to break that. and this is something that they just need to overcome. and they are not coming out there with them. and what you're doing for the university. >> reporter: with them both out indefinitely, the redskins turn to their third string runningback on thursday. and all he did is lead the team in both rushing and receiving. surprise? he wasn't. >> that's all about opportunities. when you have a good opportunity, you need to try to make the best of it and there
5:53 pm
will be some jobs. and for the redskins, they had gotten in with edward williams. the undrafted maryland draft got their chance to play in the nfl yesterday. and he turned some head. the highest native for them in the grads, they filled in the right guard to step in higher yesterday to make the right side for the redskins offense line. and that it is a pretty need thing don't you think? >> yes. but the story just bebe gun. the only different is that you would win the game. >> that would have been a happier debut for them. late breaking news about the player that the redskins had signed to replace all these injured runningbacks. i'll tell you who that is coming up at 6:00. >> you make us wait again?
5:54 pm
>> yes. thank you very much. >> okay. up next, the very latest on the nation's fite against the h1n1. could they be starting to win? i sat down with one of the nation's top fighters. don't forget we're always on stay with us for tonight's living well segment that is next.
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5:57 pm
with our nation in the middle of the h1n1 flu pandemic, the people guiding the government's response are of course here in our own backyard. i recently visited the national institute of help to sit down with the infectious disease director. they are good and bad news about this brand new flu. >> usually the flu season, they don't start until november, december. and this one is waiting for us right as the children went back to school. >> reporter: he gets constant updates on the toll h1n1 that they are taking. overall, while this new virus spreads easily, they usually cause a pretty mild illness in most people. but the ones who do get really sick and really fast, they have taken public health officials by surprise. >> well se enissue -- essentially, normal young people and children.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: they say that 90% of the deaths for the regular flu are in seniors, while the h1n1 deaths have overwhelmingly been in young adults, children, and pregnant women. and many of these groups have trouble finding the vaccines because of a production lag that the government underestimated. h1n1 vaccine has grown out there just like the seasonal vaccines. a process that has been used in years and they could be slow. >> and a track record for these vaccines are very safe. that's the good news for them. what's the sobering news is that we have had a gap as we call it between the supply and demands early on. >> reporter: they say now that more vaccines are rolling out, they hope that people will line up to get it. and for any ongoing concerns about the safety, theyed said that the government surveillance, they are already looking for any sign of an upswing in illnesses that could be linked to vaccines. >> that's when they go up and you need to investigate this very carefully. >> the government is looking for that? >> yes.
5:59 pm
>> to take a look at the radar screens that are out there looking for that every single day. >> with million of the vaccine doses, there are nothing unusual on the radar screen regarding side effects. now the government has seen a downturn in recent days in infection rates. but they are still standing ready for a possible upswing over the holidays when people get together. >> you can find a lot more information including local vaccination clinics on our website on all you have to do is click on flu alert. and thank you for joining us for 9news now at five. 9news now at six starts right now. good evening, i'm lesli foster. dc mayor could face a tough fight waiting his second term in office. that's according to a new independent poll just released. 53% of the voters say that they would like to see someone new head up the city. our produce johnson has been busy studying the poll numbers for


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